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Weekly Roundup Oct 10th: Are Budgeting Apps Worth It, Does Journaling Work & More

This week we look at how the gut and mind are related, we investigate how journaling can help quiet a busy mind, and we ask the question, “is it too late to start anything in 2019?”. You’ll also find a free 30-Day Habit Tracker in the mix 🙂

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Book Club | 10% Human: How Your Body’s Microbes Hold the Key to Health and Happiness

If you’re interested in the connection between food, gut, and mood – this book is for you. Did you know cravings aren’t a lack of willpower, but literally gut bacteria sending a message up to the brain via the vagus nerve, requesting sugar?

For more mind (gut?) blowing facts, grab a copy of 10% Human, here.


How have you been feeling lately?

I recently met a Nutritionist who told me a lot of people these days feel exhausted, achy, and irritable because of our modern lifestyle and diet.

She talked about how different foods affect our bodies, what vitamins and minerals need to be absorbed, and gave me a clue as to what I should be eating. Did you know some people can’t digest starch (potatoes, rice, pasta, bread etc.) all that well?!

I highly recommend visiting a Nutritionist just to see what’s going on with your body, but if you’re not able to at the moment, check out Michelle Yandle’s book on Empowered Eating.


Is a budgeting app worth it?

Short answer: yes if you’re not where you want to be financially.

Let’s start the PocketSmith review where I demonstrate how I use it, so you can see how it helps you be better with money. Read the review >


Can journaling quiet a busy mind?

If you have intrusive thoughts keeping you up at night, distracting you throughout the day, or thoughts that feed into your anxieties – give journaling a go.

Journaling gives that thought a platform to be heard, felt, and understood. Depending on what the thought is, you can brainstorm an action plan, counter the thought with evidence that suggests otherwise, or let it be now that it’s out of your system.

I’ve got my eye on the Writing As Therapy: Self Help journal once my current journal is finished.


Is it too late to start something new in 2019?

You might be feeling like the year is too far gone to start anything. You might even be waiting for the New Year before thinking about what you want to achieve.

Start now. Start small. Like as small as you can possibly can.

Maybe it’s walking down the driveway and back when you get home from work. It’ll take 2 minutes, but it’s easy and you’re already there twice a day anyway. Use this 30-Day Habit Tracker to keep you on track.


30 Printable Affirmations for Wealth

Focus your mind on the life you truly want and take the steps to get there with this set of wealth attraction printable affirmation cards! Each card contains a motivational quote to help you set your sights on an attainable goal. Buy now!


“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me”.
– Carol Burnett


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