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What Do You Need to Be a Healthy Human?

When it comes to the ultimate human diet, I think the answer is simple; What would you eat if supermarkets and restaurants ceased to exist? What did our great-great-grandparents eat? Our indigenous ancestors?

Does this mean we all have to start hunting and gathering or go ‘paleo’? No, but it invites you to imagine what it is that fuels us as humans and how we can incorporate some of these basics back into our diets.

What would we eat? Plant foods! And lots of them. Vegetables, fruits, and even whole grains. We’d get plenty of greens and delicious berries and fruits. All these foods provide us with fibre, antioxidants, vitamins minerals and give us energy!

We’d eat protein. We need protein! – it ’s not called essential for anything. Whether you choose to be vegetarian or omnivore, it’s important that protein features in your meals. It will keep you fuller and more satisfied as well as keeping your blood sugars a little more balanced.

Fat! Don’t fear the fat, please! As humans, it’s fat is another essential component. An abundance of naturally sourced fats from plants and animals will help us to absorb fat-soluble vitamins, keep us satiated and make our brains happy!

Soul food. I’m sorry, but my ancestors would not have turned down a fine piece of chocolate cake if one had been presented to them.

Food is meant to be celebrated and enjoyed and when we restrict, this can lead to cravings and binging and other complicated relationships with food.

Enjoy the foods that make us feel good both physically and mentally.


> This is part of a Healthy Eating Series written by Michelle Yandle.

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