New Year’s resolutions are as much of a tradition as Christmas trees are during the festive season and kissing someone on midnight. The much used and abused saying, “New year, new me,” is repeated year after year as people vow to do all the things they failed to do the year before.

As the end of the year draws close, instead of picking a few goals out of thin air, consider that fewer than 10% of people who set New Year’s resolutions manage to stick to them for more than a few months.

While setting goals is a great tool to change your life, there are 365 days in every year, so why wait for just one? New Year’s resolutions are overrated and almost destined for failure – here’s why you should give them a miss.


5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Make New Years Resolutions

1. Successful Goals Are Gradual

New Year’s resolutions tend to be all or nothing goals. Meaning that they involve going cold turkey to quit an unwanted habit or attempting a full-on commitment to begin a new one.

For example, “I’m going to stop eating chocolate from the 1st of January.”

While the momentum of the new year might be enough to motivate you for a short while, that will eventually fade. Habits are successfully changed or developed with baby steps and planning. Sheer willpower will only get you so far.


2. You Will Overload Yourself With Too Many Big Goals

Opening a diary for the new year, or starting a fresh new calendar feels like a completely blank slate so full of potential. It is tempting to pick multiple, impressive resolutions to kick off your year on a positive note. However, research has proven that it is better to choose one habit or goal at a time.

Devoting your energy to that one goal is far more valuable than trying to conquer a number of goals at once – particularly if they are big ones!

Pick too many and you will end up feeling overwhelmed.


3. You Lack Authentic Motivation

Take a moment and ask yourself why you are setting New Year’s resolutions. Is it because you truly want to make changes, or simply because you feel it’s something you should do?

If your goals were really that important to you, you would have started long before the new year rolled around. To achieve your goals, you are going to need a better motive than that.

So sit down, write your dreams and visions on a piece of paper, plan out how you will achieve them, and do it at any time of the year!


4. The Timing Is Terrible

After the excitement, happiness, rest and fulfillment of the holidays, real life returns far too harshly. Going back to work or school, and returning home to bills, chores and responsibilities is challenging enough.

Any goals that you set for yourself while you were in a relaxed and positive holiday mindset may seem too daunting and unimportant when reality hits.


5. Your Resolutions Are Not Specific Enough

New Year’s resolutions are designed to be sexy. They are more for show than any real benefit. Ask people what their resolutions are and most will say, “I want to have a great body,” or “I want to be healthier,” or “I want to have more money.”

All these statements are far too vague.

Studies have shown that people who are successful in reaching their goals have set specific targets with clear and achievable steps. This includes deadlines, consequences and rewards.

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